Your Kaua‘i Homes Team

Kauai Prime Realty has a local team that will care for your property, so you can sleep soundly every night knowing your Kaua‘i vacation home is in the right hands.

  • A dedicated on-island property manager: Your own property manager knows your Kaua‘i vacation home goals, operates to our proven procedures and is always available to speak with you.

  • 5-Star quality housekeeping: We have found one of the first things guest notice is a clean, well-stocked home.  Kaua‘i Prime Realty’s housekeeping procedures address this quality to maintain your 5-Star property.

Detail to preventative maintenance:  Your Kaua‘i vacation rental home is a very valuable asset that should be taken care of and continually maintained. Kaua‘i Prime Realty will do preventative maintenance check-ups on your home to prevent interruption in rental days and your user experience.

On Kaua‘i you can not always get what you want when you want it. For example: your stove goes out and you want a specific brand. It will take 4 weeks to arrive. WOW no stove for 4 weeks. NOT with Kaua‘i Prime Realty – we have spare stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers and more. Why – because we understand to need to operate your home flawlessly no matter what happens.

You will not find this attention to detail anywhere – Why – because we Care about You.

Guest Experience

Our number one priority is a fiduciary responsibility to you – we also know that a 5-Star guest experience is paramount to meeting your home goals and the Kaua‘i experience both you and your guests deserve.

    • Always-Available support: Our team is always a phone call or few minutes away to attend to your guests needs.
    • Seeing & Knowing what you get: Your guests knows what to expect since they have seen your home as it is from our photo and video team.
    • 5-Star experience: You guests know how to arrive to your home, what to expect while in your home and love our Aloha & Mahalo gifts.

Your Earning Power

Effective Marketing



You will not find a stronger team of executives leading a real estate and vacation property management company like Kaua‘i Prime Realty anywhere on Kaua‘i. We are assembled for you.

Additional Services:

Interior Design  •  Smart Home Set Up  •  Pool and Hot Tub Installation & Maintenance

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